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Cross-post from my #hcldr blog — by Joe Babaian

I am taking the opportunity to write up this update on my #COVID19 journey even as I have just started the long road to recovery both physically and emotionally. I hope this helps you or someone you love.

This isn’t my normal style to post — but YOU NEED TO KNOW. I want you to hear this from ME — #COVID19 kills, it’s not going away and the holidays are going to be devastating. Have you seen the Texas cases? Yea. If you aren’t careful and don’t take things as seriously…

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Houston Blue Skies 8/31/17

Houston is waking up to sunshine and hard work. Areas are drying out. For flooded neighborhoods, massive work ripping out wet materials, drywall/sheet rock is in overtime before mold sets in. Wet, dirty, hot work to allow folks to rebuild. Other cities and areas downstream towards the Gulf of Mexico are still seeing rising waters and evacuations. Mosquitoes are coming, creating an incipient public health disaster. The impacts of environment, public health education, outreach and the very basics of #SDoH are coming into play.

People are cheerful and hopeful. Thank you all for everything — we are all a community…

Joe Babaian

Co-Moderator #HCLDR | Focus on #HealthIT #Advocacy #PtExp | Fired up about shaping the conversation | #pinksocks | LinkedIn:

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