Houston Waking Up

Joe Babaian
2 min readAug 31, 2017
Houston Blue Skies 8/31/17

Houston is waking up to sunshine and hard work. Areas are drying out. For flooded neighborhoods, massive work ripping out wet materials, drywall/sheet rock is in overtime before mold sets in. Wet, dirty, hot work to allow folks to rebuild. Other cities and areas downstream towards the Gulf of Mexico are still seeing rising waters and evacuations. Mosquitoes are coming, creating an incipient public health disaster. The impacts of environment, public health education, outreach and the very basics of #SDoH are coming into play.

People are cheerful and hopeful. Thank you all for everything — we are all a community and you each have helped make this more bearable. Now we’re looking at recovery. Small things and big things. There is no ‘right’ way to help. Writing. Cash. Working. Planning. Supporting friends & strangers. All examples of stepping up and I’m awed.

The spirit of helping and passion is seen by Houston hero Dr. Stephen Kimmel. This surgeon paddled in to save a patient during the flooding. This is not hyperbole — amazing! Story here >

Keep up the good work #hcldr community. Be sure to check out the #hcldr post for the week by my partner and friend Colin Hung — he has been a support in so many ways. He wrote while I watched water coming up the yard…..just as I would hope — he was spreading the word when I couldn’t. I ask you, what’s the better definition of a friend?

Thank you!

-Joe Babaian



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